Modular racking systems for pallets and non palletised goods.

Our design engineers will build you a racking system to suit any goods you need to transport. Shelf heights and weights capacity can be adapted for your requirement to maximise space. We can also work with you to adapt the system to any individual requirements needed to secure the goods Pallets, crates or loose goods can be accommodated. Can double, treble or even quadruple the space available.


Manufacture of a shelved racking system to customers specifications to double, treble or even quadruple the shelf space dependent upon height of pallet.

Rack is secured to trailer with anchor rings and lorry straps. Modular units can be used with swivel modules


Fixed racking for lorry trailers forming a double deck.


System Advantages

  • Maximum utilisation of space.
  • Can be taken off and stored when not required.
  • Cost affective solution to purchase of a double decker. 


Design and manufacture.
The above project required low key containerised transport of high-value vehicles. Our design team maximised load capacity by creating a double deck within the container. Fitted with onboard lighting, power winch and loading cradle, a worldwide solution was provided for a specialest transport company, On time and on budget.

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