An innovative solution to utilise unused space for goods in transit


Convert a standard trailer into a double deck pallet trailer

Current trailer size allows 26 pallets to be loaded and transported at one time.If palletised goods are classed as 'heavy duty' they can be stacked on top of each other, if goods are not heavy duty a double decker trailer can be used.


The challenge is to fully utilise available trailer space. Not all palletised goods can be stacked due to crushing of the lower goods.
Double Deckers are expensive to purchase and not always available to hire, particularly in the traditionally heavy seasoned periods.


FreightRack® A UK designed and load tested multi-purpose modular racking system. The Freight Rack pallet racking system can be used to quickley convert part or all of a standard trailer to a double deck trailer. Bespoke fixed trailer racking systems to treble deck space are available to order.


double deck trailer pallet rack


Investing in a double deck trailer is expensive, by its design this trailer can only be used to carry pallets.

Using FreightRack® a standard flat bed trailer can be converted to a double deck trailer in part or full.

The frame has a hinged top rack which can be locked in place to form a second deck, or can be locked in the vertical position to allow taller loads to be placed on the trailer bed.

Many logistics companies are dedicated to palletised transport, But what about non palletised goods?

FreightRack has a unique folding system built in to its modular design. Maximising your trailer space for palletised and mixed loads.

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